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Micro FPV quadcopter 105mm

This object on thingiverse caught my attention:

On rcgroups there is a thread about the SciSky board that is used

This quad are ideal for lazy pilots that don’t bother going all the way to the closest park to fly. You can simply fly in your yard, or even at home! (video is not mine)

They can only carry a featherweight FPV camera+transmitter.
Veeeeeery crash resistant and reasonably cheap, especially compared to brushless setups. Of course performance are not the same as a 250 racing quad but if your goal is to enjoy flying in a small area this is the way to go!!

I ordered the following items:

I plan on reusing motors, propellers and batteries from some of my broken Cheerson CX-10 and Eachine micro quads.
For the frame I’ll ask a friend to print it out for me =)

You can find complete parts list and a lot more on the rcgroups thread

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